2016: $185,000 Raised, 18 Wishes Granted

2017: Jedidiah's wish: To go to Disneyworld!

2017: Jedidiah's wish: To go to Disneyworld!


2016: Nadav's wish: To have a trailer!

2016: Anthony's wish: To have a Track Chair!

2016: Kayden's wish: To go to Great Wolf Lodge!

2016: Cephas' wish: To go to swim with sharks in Hawaii!

2016: George's wish: To have my own happy space!

2016: Matthew's wish: To go to Hawaii!

2016: Carson's wish: To go to Disney World!

2016: Akin's wish: To go to have a shopping spree!

2016: Alix's wish: To go to Disney World!

2016: Lauren's wish: To go on a Disney Cruise!

2016: Megan's wish: Meet the Sea Turtle at Sea World!

2016: Harley's wish: To go to Disney World!

2016: Tanner's wish: To go to Disney World!

2016: Riley's wish: To go to Disney World!

2016: Zachary's wish: To have a Hot Tub!

2016: Tyson's wish: To go to Disney World to see Mickey & Donald!

2016: Caroline's wish: Family trip to Disney World!

2016: Camren's wish: To go to Disney World!

2015: Jeremie’s wish: Disney World & Universal Studios to make family memories!


2015: Emily's wish: To be a zookeeper for a day!


2015: Beth's wish: To meet Carol Burnett!


2015: Malaky's wish: Cook with Chef Mickey!


2014: Cole’s wish: To Go on a Disney Cruise