What is a Wish Angel

Wish Angels are kids who want to help children that aren’t as fortunate as they are. Wish angels raise funds to help pay for wishes through fun activities and events. Birthday parties, lemonade stands, bottle drives are just some of the type of events that have been held. Wish angels can be individuals, groups and teams that are grateful for what they have and simply want to give back.

Why be a Wish Angel

Becoming a Wish Angel is an opportunity for kids to learn the value of giving back. By doing something to help others, Wish Angels gain an appreciation for what they have and cultivate a sense of gratitude and responsibility. By becoming Wish Angels, children also discover their own strength and qualities and use them to help others. As they mature they will come to fully appreciate the value of volunteering, to understand what they have given, and what they in turn have received.

How to become a Wish Angel

There are many ways to become a Wish Angel: The SKY is the Limit
• If you’re having a birthday party, ask friends to bring a small donation in lieu of presents. This is a great experience for the Wish Angel and their friends.
• Have lemonade or juice stand in front of your home.
• Hold a board game tournament.
• Sell tickets to a magic or talent show.
• Instead of eating grandmother’s amazing cookies, have a bake sale.
• Offer to do chores for your family or neighbours and ask for donations
• Take a toy you don’t use anymore and sell it on Kijiji to raise money to donate.
• Use our Wish Angel pledge sheet to raise some funds.
• As a Wish Angel spread the word to all your friends so they also become Wish Angels.

Choose an activity that is enjoyable and turn into a way to help provide a wish for a child with a life-threatening medical condition. The possibilities are endless.

“Building a Community of Wish Angels”.
“The Greatest joy in living comes from the joy of giving”