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VLN Biotechnology Inc.
Chief Scientific Officer

VLN Biotechnology is commercializing immunotherapy technology to improve the health and quality of life of patients suffering from allergies to mold. We are focused on improved detection of allergenic proteins responsible for allergic reactions and development of immunotherapy to alleviate symptoms of mold allergies. VLN Biotechnology was founded by Dr. Hari Vijay, an acknowledged global expert on mold allergens. For further information please visit

VLN Biotechnology Inc.
5303 Canotek Road
Unit 20B
Ottawa, ON K1J 9M2

Biotechnology Research
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I'm blessed with a wonderful family. I have always been in service and truly believe I'm here to serve. This concept is a vehicle for me to fulfill that need.
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OTTAWA, Canada -- VLN Biotechnology (VLNB) is pleased to announce that its Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Hari Vijay, has co-authored a chapter for the recent 5th edition of Allergens and Allergy Immunotherapy. This authoritative review has been updated and revised to include subcutaneous, sublingual, and oral immunomodulator treatments of allergic disease and provides comprehensive coverage of all types of allergens and allergen vaccines, giving clinicians the essential information they need to accurately make a diagnosis and offer the best possible treatments. Published by CRC Press, Allergens and Allergy Immunotherapy is available for order at

Dr. Vijay’s chapter is entitled “Fungal Allergens” (Chapter 12) and reviews many of the common indoor and outdoor fungus and mold allergens. The chapter was co-authored with colleagues Dr. Viswanath Kurup (Medical College of Wisconsin) & Dr. Jonathan Bernstein (University of Cincinnati).

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reports that approximately 5% of Americans (over 15 million people) have allergic symptoms from exposure to mold. Exposure is generally unavoidable as mold and mold spores are found in almost every moist environment & thrive in a wide range of temperature and humidity. Typical indoor molds in North America are the Penicillium and Aspergillus species, while prevalent outdoor mold species are Cladosporium and Alternaria. Pharmacotherapy (e.g. oral or nasal anti-histamines, nasal decongestants) is used to palliate the symptoms of mold allergies but does not offer a cure. Immunotherapy to treat mold allergies offers significant advantages versus pharmacotherapy because it can ameliorate the underlying pathophysiology of the allergy in a near-permanent manner. VLNB is working on development of mold immunotherapy.

VLNB seeks to partner with companies and research organizations to accelerate commercial development of immunotherapy to treat mold allergies. VLNB also offers customized consulting services led by Dr. Hari Vijay.

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