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FireSide Creative

We live in an increasingly visual world. Using tools such as photography and video to reach your audience is more important than ever. Regardless of your visual media needs, we have the creative energy to make it happen.

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I understand first hand the importance of feeling like the world around you cares. All to often people can feel alone and singled out in this world because of so-called "differences." It's those differences though that make us who we are, it's what makes us the same, it's what makes us human. If I can help one person smile, if I can make one person laugh, it will make a difference.
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I always had a lot of creative energy growing up. At the age of 17, I tried to contain that fire, I tried to keep it in and it burnt me down. I came home from my first semester of college, was severely depressed and a few months later was handed a diagnosis. Schizophrenia. I had never felt more alone. It's one of the worst feelings I'd ever experienced, to be surrounded by people. Family, friends, colleagues and yet feel completely and devastatingly alone. The single biggest factor in my "recovery," was the day someone shared their mental health story with me. That was the day something sparked inside of me and I realized that maybe, just maybe there were others who felt like I did. There was a tribe out in the world who would understand and I didn't have to be alone. It had been a long road when at age 29 I was re-assessed by a mental health professional at the ROH and was given a clean bill of health. Not a usual occurrence for someone with my label. None the less, I felt like it was an opportunity to make a difference. I have a unique perspective on mental health and the stigma that surrounds it. I have an opportunity to help those in the shoes I once wore. Plus, my feet stink and I feel bad that they have to wear them. My creative energy and want to help others is what fuels my fire. Film and photography are my outlet.

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